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    Our research is driving innovative and new approaches to criminal justice reform across the country. Here are some of our latest findings and ideas.

  • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Questioning, and/or Gender Nonconforming and Transgender Girls and Boys in the California Juvenile Justice System: A Practice Guide

    Community Programs, Angela Irvine, Ph.D., Shannan Wilber, Esq., Aisha Canfield, M.P.P.

    Impact Justice and the National Center for Lesbian Rights developed this practice guide to support California probation departments in meeting their obligation to promote the safety and well-being of lesbian, gay, bisexual, questioning, and/or gender nonconforming and transgender (LGBQ/GNCT) youth in their care and custody.1 The guide summarizes research showing that LGBQ/GNCT youth are significantly overrepresented in the state’s juvenile justice system, and are at higher risk than their peers for a host of negative outcomes. Based on these findings and emerging legal and professional standards, the guide recommends policies and procedures to prohibit discrimination, prevent harm, and promote fair and equitable treatment of LGBQ/GNCT youth in the state’s juvenile justice system.

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  • Info Sheet: Restorative Justice & The Restorative Justice Project at Impact Justice

    Restorative Justice Project

    Restorative Justice encourages constructive responses to wrongdoing. It brings those who have harmed, their victims, and affected community members into processes that repair harms and rebuild relationships. sujatha baliga, director of the Restorative Justice Project, leads Impact Justice’s efforts to institutionalize restorative justice alternatives to juvenile and adult incarceration and zero-tolerance school discipline policies across the United States.

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  • Up to Nine in Ten Juvenile Justice-Involved Youth Have Been Disciplined in School

    Community Programs, Angela Irvine, Ph.D. and Aishatu Yusuf, MPA

    This study documents that the vast majority of youth in the juvenile justice system have been suspended or expelled from school before they are first detained. This research, which looked at seven juvenile detention facilities across the United States, found that up to 9 in ten youth, depending on race, sexual orientation, and gender identity of youth had been disciplined at school prior to justice involvement.

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  • Expanding Youth Justice Reform 

    Community Programs, Angela Irvine, Ph.D.

    Since 2002, state and local youth justice systems across the country have undergone huge reforms. The success of these reform efforts can be seen in a dramatic 41 percent reduction in youth incarceration rates over the past ten years. Despite these successful efforts to deincarcerate youth, however, the movement faces ongoing challenges. Stakeholders must continue to reform the juvenile justice system, and here we look at how lessons from the past can be used to shape goals for the future.

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  • Overrepresentation of LGBTQ Youth in the Child Welfare to Juvenile Justice Crossover Population 

    Community Programs, Angela Irvine, Ph.D. and Aisha Canfield

    Impact justice’s Community Programs team releases a study on lesbian, gay, bisexual, questioning, gender nonconforming and transgender youth disparities in the overlap between the child welfare and juvenile justice systems. 

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  • You Can’t Run From the Police: Developing a Feminist Criminology That Incorporates Black Transgender Women

    Community Programs, Angela Irvine, Ph.D., BreakOut! staff

    Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and gender nonconforming people of color are unfairly harassed by police. This is particularly true of transgender women of color. New survey data on how the New Orleans police treat LGBT people shows that there are dramatic differences in the types and frequency of harassment experienced across gender identity, gender expression, and race.

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