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A national innovation and research center

Accelerating momentum for justice reform

About Us

Harnessing innovation, research, and policy ideas

Impact Justice prevents system involvement,
improves conditions & supports re-entry


Generating breakthrough ideas

Impact Justice tackles some of the
toughest problems in the justice system


Pioneering new solutions

Impact Justice works to create a humane
and restorative justice system

Our Impact

How can FL tamp down its growing incarceration problems? Thanks to the courage of the Grosmaire & McBride families, as well as IJ's own @sujathabaliga, #RestorativeJustice provides a real solution. #CJReform…

Our Mission

Impact Justice dares to dream of a humane and restorative system of justice in America. Through innovation, research, policy, and advocacy, we are forging a new path to a justice system that is fair to all of us.