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IJ News

All Staff Meetings

2023 All Staff Meeting Agendas and Notes

Updated monthly, you can find the upcoming agendas and notes from each all-staff meeting here.

Miro Appreciations Board

A place to say nice things about each other. Give your colleagues a kudos!

Internal Communications

Internal Newsletter Archive

All internal newsletters are saved here — you’ll also get the internal newsletter in your inbox each month!

Quick Brief Archive

Important info shared in Quick Briefs (distributed to staff via email) is archived here.

2022 Year End Update

Organization-level year-end review (and celebrations!) and goals for 2023.

What We’re Reading, Watching, and Listening To (Google Space)

A space for staff to post and comment on articles, reports, podcasts, films, standout social posts/threads, etc. relevant to IJ’s mission and work.

IJ Pets and Favorite Animals (Google Space)

This is a space to share photos of your pets, favorite animals, musical animals, and/or stuffed animals – all things cute animals here!

Engagement Survey

Engagement Survey December 2022

You can find results from our most recent engagement survey here. Followup information will be added to this folder on an ongoing basis.

Engagement Survey February 2022

You can find results of the February 2022 Engagement Survey and information about followup in this folder.