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Impact Justice partnered with the Youth Diversion Subcommittee of the Countywide Criminal Justice Coordination Committee in Los Angeles County to develop a plan to coordinate and scale effective youth diversion in Los Angeles County.

Over the course of seven months, the Subcommittee met with key stakeholders — youth, law enforcement, advocates, and community organizations — to gain a multifaceted understanding of how the criminal justice system impacts youth. The Subcommittee’s work culminated in a set of recommendations for the creation of a robust infrastructure to support effective youth diversion, which would improve short- and long-term outcomes for youth by prioritizing equity, well-being, accountability, and public safety. The roadmap is expected to divert upwards of 10,000 youth from the justice system into various community-based organizations providing an array of services that address underlying needs.

The recommendations were published in October of 2017. Read the report: A Roadmap for Advancing Youth Diversion in Los Angeles County.

Following the publication of the above report, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to adopt the recommendations laid out by the Youth Diversion Subcommittee. The Research and Action Center of Impact Justice is eager to support the implementation of these historic recommendations, which hold the potential to transform the lives of thousands of youth.

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