What We Do

Impact Justice is a national innovation and research center that is committed to reducing the number of people involved in our juvenile and adult criminal justice system, improving conditions for those who remain incarcerated, providing meaningful opportunities for success for those rejoining our communities and improving justice outcomes for crime victims. Impact Justice is working with bipartisan support to reduce our nation’s over-reliance on incarceration, with research, evaluations, technical assistance, policy work and the use of innovation and experimentation.

Impact Justice serves communities, families and individuals across the country, by working at all levels of government to create the knowledge and practices that make the greatest impact on over-incarceration and racial disparity. We work primarily with local, state and federal government agencies.


At Impact Justice, we believe knowledge is vital to progress. We are a community of experts, committed to learning and sharing information to improve our justice systems.


We rely on research to develop and promote new justice strategies that reduce our nation’s reliance on incarceration, reduce racial disparities, and increase the safety of our communities.


We partner with a diverse array of communities and agencies across the country to research, implement, and review justice strategies.