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What We Do & Our Impact

What We Do

We imagine, build, and scale innovations that advance safety, justice, and opportunity—boundary-breaking programs that are changing expectations about what people can accomplish together.

We leverage research and other knowledge to connect the desire for change with informed action and work to shift the narrative so that decision-makers and the public understand what’s at stake and what’s possible.

Our Impact

To build safe, healthy, thriving communities and a more just society we undertake projects that:

  1. Reduce the number of people caught up in harmful legal systems by creating alternatives that are responsive, restorative, fair, and effective.
  2. Improve living conditions and life outcomes and safeguard fundamental human rights for the millions of people still subject to mass incarceration.
  3. Expand opportunities for formerly incarcerated and other system-involved people to heal, fully participate in community life, and reach their potential.