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When Kids Are Accused of Sex Crimes

The New Yorker takes a deep dive into the issue of youth on sex-offender registries and calls Center on Youth Registration Reform Director Nicole Pittman "one of the movement’s best hopes for advancing legislative change."

Reforming Juvenile Justice

David Muhammad contributes his expertise to CQ Researcher’s in-depth analysis piece.

Pathways to Equity in the Juvenile Justice System

Dr. Angela Irvine joins Dr. Kenneth Hardy of Drexel University and Dr. Monique Morris of the National Black Women’s Justice Institute speak on a panel moderated by James Bell of the W. Haywood Burns Institute.

Teens Who Take Nude Photos of Themselves Can Still Be Treated As Sex Offenders

Nicole Pittman, Stoneleigh Fellow and Director of the Impact Justice Center on Youth Registration Reform, weighs in at the Huffington Post.

Abuser and Survivor, Face to Face

The Atlantic asks Director of the Restorative Justice Project sujatha baliga whether restorative justice can work in domestic abuses cases. To which, baliga says, yes. She argues that casting abusers as incapable of change and throwing them in jail won't solve the problem because it “ignores the fact that people do things not because they are bad.”

CQ Researcher: Restorative Justice

Restorative Justice Project Director, sujatha baliga discusses the successful outcomes of Oakland's restorative justice diversion program.

Why Are So Many Queer Girls in Juvie?

Impact Justice's Dr. Angela Irvine and Aisha Canfield surveyed 1,400 girls in juvenile detention around the country. What they found? Around 40 percent of those girls are LBTQ/GNC. In this OZY article, Canfield explains why that number is likely so high.

Meant To Keep Youths Out Of Detention, Probation Often Leads Them There

Impact Justice’s David Muhammed, who works with probation departments across the country on reform, weighs in on NPR’s Morning Edition about whether routing kids from detention to probation is achieving its goal of rehabilitation — or just making matters worse.

CYRR Director Nicole Pittman Named A 2016 Leading Edge Fund Fellow

The Rosenberg Foundation has picked Center on Youth Registration Reform Director Nicole Pittman to be one of its eight fellows and will financially support her work advocating for policy reform, building coalitions and shifting the narrative around minors accused of sex crimes.

Justice After Injustice

sujatha baliga weighs in on the potential of restorative justice in wrongfully conviction cases.

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