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In collaboration with CYRR, the Juvenile Justice GPS adds a sex offense registry topic

Juvenile Justice GPS (Geography, Policy, Practice, Statistics) is a project to develop a repository providing state policy makers and system stakeholders with a clear understanding of the juvenile justice landscape in the states. The Juvenile Justice GPS team has collaborated with Impact Justice’s Center for Youth Registry Reform (CCYR) to add a new sex offense registry topic.…

Marking kids for life on sex offender registries

For decades, our country has been putting children as young as 8 years old on sex-offender registries. Hundreds of thousands of Americans are registered for things they did as kids, their entire lives tainted by youthful indiscretions as common as streaking or teenage Romeo and Juliet romances.

IJ Cited in Two Recent Publications on the Incarceration of Youth

"7 Things We Can Do to End the Incarceration of Youth of Color" and "Stemming the Rising Tide: Racial & Ethnic Disparities in Youth Incarceration & Strategies for Change"

Delegates from Nashville Travel to Meet with Restorative Justice Project

Delegates from Nashville, TN, including Juvenile Court Judge Sheila Calloway, District Attorney General Glenn Funk, Public Defender Dawn Deaner, and Captain Gordon Howey of the Metro Nashville Police Department, among others, travel to Oakland, CA to visit with sujatha baliga, vice president and director of Impact Justice’s Restorative Justice Project.

Impact Justice Awarded Grant to Analyze Pathways to Incarceration for LGBTQI-GNC Girls Arrested for Prostitution

Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP) awards Impact Justice a grant to analyze the disparities in the pathways into incarceration for LGBTQI-GNC girls arrested for prostitution.

The Lifelong Damage Labels Carry

The Lifelong Damage Labels Carry

CYRR Director Nicole Pittman guest authors a column about the psychological impact of labels for the Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers blog.

Juvenile sex offender — the term abounds in courtrooms, headlines and even among professional treatment and welfare circles.…

Should We Be Labeling Juvenile Sex Offenders?

Nicole Pittman joins KQED Forum to discuss the ways in which youth and adult sexual offenses differ and why kids should not be placed on registries.

Youth Registration Leaves Lifelong Stain

Roughly 200,000 people are on sex offender registries for things they did as kids — some as young as eight years old. Placing young people on registries has enormous consequences for those listed, but it does little to protect society.

Judge Rules Against Labeling Nebraska Boy A Sex Offender

The Lincoln Journal Star cites Center on Youth Registration Reform Director Nicole Pittman on the importance of keeping juveniles off sex offender registries.

The Myth of the Criminal Black Lesbian

Senior Policy Researcher and Analyst Aisha Canfield discusses the effects of harmful race and gender stereotypes with NPR.

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