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Yesennia Cervantes serves as the Administrative Associate for the Research and Action Center at Impact Justice, where she supports the Associate Director in coordinating organizational workflows and processes

Being formerly incarcerated and having been released only three years ago, Yesennia  understands firsthand the importance of maintaining a job and the importance of educating herself. Since incarceration, she has completed three associate degrees in administration of justice, sociology and social behavior. She currently attends California State University-Fullerton where she is completing her bachelor’s degree in sociology. She is a member of “Project Rebound,” which provides support, guidance and mentorship to formerly incarcerated people and gives another home on campus. Yesennia plans to continue her education with a master’s degree in sociology after she completes her undergraduate program.

Yesennia has made it her life’s mission to be a voice and a platform for both incarcerated and formerly incarcerated individuals. She wants to be part of a generation where upon release she does not fall back but comes back! Not only does she advocate for prison reform but she helps others like herself. This past year she had the privilege to work with youth offenders serving time in the Department of Juvenile Justice as a California Justice Leader, where she was able to not only mentor and guide them but assist them in their re-entry plans upon release. Actions like these make her feel like she is making a change, because she is able to reach individuals through her profession and prove that people like her can have a better life–and that generational curses can be broken.