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Welcome Rose is a program director with the PREA Resource Center, and will primarily work with the Field Training Program (FTP). She holds a B.S. in criminal justice, with emphasis in corrections and law enforcement. She has more than two decades of experience in adult correctional settings.

As an inmate appeal examiner, Welcome reviewed corrections climate issues in her work with adult populations in a state corrections agency. She investigated appeals on inmate grievances and made recommendations for final decision to agency leadership, focusing on liability protection and mitigation. Before her work in the inmate grievance system, she worked as a probation and parole agent and as a correctional officer.

Welcome earned her PREA auditor certification in October 2015 and has continuously engaged in auditor learning opportunities, including participation in the Field Training, Peer Review Pilot, and Technical Assistance Provider programs. She is experienced in raising accountability through rule development and staff training, and she promotes sexual safety as a mechanism for fostering safe and secure correctional climates.