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Tracy Hill is a senior program associate with the Field Training Program (FTP) for the National PREA Resource Center (PRC).  Prior to her role in the FTP, Tracy worked 23 years in the Travis County Sheriff’s Office in Austin, Texas, mainly in the Corrections Bureau. Tracy was paramount in the Sheriff’s Office’s implementation and certification of the PREA Standards in 2016 and served as the PREA Compliance Manager for the next four years for the Del Valle facility which housed over 2,600 persons in custody.
Her experience in the Sheriff’s office included policy development, contract negotiations/approvals and implementation, capital budgeting, investigations, and compliance oversight for the Office’s programs for PREA, the Texas Commission on Jail Standards, and FBI/Texas Criminal Justice Informations Systems. Tracy holds an Advanced Instructor’s Certification with the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement and has over 15 years experience in training and developing curriculum in the fields of PREA and corrections. Tracy also owned and operated a private PREA auditing and consulting business as well as a ranching business for her hay and cattle farm in Texas.