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Talia Huff is a program manager with the National PREA Resource Center (PRC), working primarily with the Field Training Program. Prior to this position, Talia did PREA auditing and consulting on a private basis after being the first PREA coordinator for the Kansas Department of Corrections. As PREA coordinator she directed PREA efforts statewide in adult prisons and juvenile facilities. She conducted over 25 PREA compliance audits and many field training audits. She was also a consultant for PRC as a field training auditor, grant coach, grant reviewer, auditor certification faculty, and training and technical assistance provider.

Talia’s background spans many facets in the corrections field; from direct care of offenders to leadership in the juvenile, adult, and community corrections fields. She has worked directly with youth delivering cognitive-based and sex offender programming, managed grant programs, and worked with community-based corrections on revocation reduction strategies. Talia holds an M.A. in justice studies.