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Johanna Cotom joins Impact Justice as a program associate for the Innovative Programs team, where she spends most of her time developing the California Justice Leaders alumni network and supporting the program overall. She also contributes to other projects in the portfolio, including Food in Prison and Homecoming Project.

Johanna’s motivation to advocate for people impacted by criminal legal systems stems directly from her experience growing up in south central Los Angeles. Prior to Impact Justice, she focused on education equity and advancement at UCLA. She served as co-director of Leadership & Educational Advancement Program, where she supported at-risk youth and their families to succeed in their education careers. She also served as a counseling coordinator for UCLA Bruin Readmission Program to assist dismissed students gain reentry back into the university and successfully graduate.

Johanna received her bachelor’s degree in sociology from UCLA. She is committed to uplifting individuals and communities negatively affected by the criminal legal system.