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The Center

A reentry resource for all

The Center serves formerly incarcerated people, the family members and friends who support and rely on them, and anyone whose life has been affected by the carceral system. 

While other reentry organizations and services focus narrowly on employment, housing, or recovery from substance use and serve exclusively people on parole or probation and often within a particular jurisdiction, The Center takes a holistic approach to reentry, supporting individual wellness, personal growth, and community integration in ways that benefit anyone exiting the carceral system, their network of family members and friends, and the community at large. 

The Center offers in-person and virtual courses, workshops, and peer support groups designed to help people navigate common challenges associated with reentry — from learning new technologies to navigating old and new relationships. What is often an overwhelming process instead becomes a foundation for personal growth and well-being with benefits for individuals, families, and the community at large. 

The Center’s in-person offerings are located in Alameda County, California; virtual offerings are national in reach. For residents of Alameda County, The Center also provides individually tailored assistance and referrals to local organizations and service providers.

The Center’s first virtual course offering, Freeing Wellness, begins Monday, Sept. 11. This seven-class course explores the importance of wellness broadly defined and offers simple strategies and techniques for making healthy choices across all aspects of life — from healthy food choices, to healthy forms of communication, to healthy ways of managing the stress, anxiety, and frustration that accompany all important life changes. The course is free and open to anyone. Advance registration is encouraged.