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Partnering with communities to address harm through dialogue

The Restorative Justice Project works in diversion and explores possibilities for restorative justice in intimate partner violence and sexual harm. We shift the paradigm from punitive to restorative – recognizing and valuing every individual’s dignity and potential.

We provide training and technical assistance to our National Restorative Justice Diversion sites in collaboration with community-based organizations and partners from the criminal and juvenile legal systems. We support these sites to introduce pre-charge restorative justice diversion programs in an effort to meet survivors’ needs without reliance on youth criminalization.

When harm occurs and a law is broken, legal proceedings can be difficult and unproductive for those harmed, those responsible for the harm, their families, and impacted community members. Restorative justice offers constructive responses to wrongdoing by bringing everyone into accountability processes that repair and rebuild relationships.

Our work engages communities to center survivor-identified needs while reducing incarceration, recidivism, racial and ethnic disparities in the criminal legal system, and related social and fiscal costs. Visit our Resources page for more information about restorative justice.

What We’re Doing

Shifting the Paradigm

We’re shifting the paradigm from seeing crime as a violation of the law to understanding crime as harm that requires individual, interpersonal, community, and system-wide accountability and healing.

Restorative Justice Diversion

We provide training and technical assistance to community-based organizations and systems partners to introduce pre-charge restorative justice diversion programs as an alternative to youth incarceration, ultimately reaching ten cities across the country.

Intimate Partner & Sexual Violence

We’re exploring the application of restorative justice to addressing intimate partner violence, sexual violence, and child sexual abuse.

We are so appreciative of sujatha and her team’s investment in the success of the Restorative Community Conferencing model and for their capacity-building support.

– Yejide Ankobia, Director of Restorative Programs, Community Works West

sujatha and her team have been invaluable in helping to implement our Make it Right program, staying true to the principles of restorative justice while responding to San Francisco’s unique community and juvenile justice system.

– San Francisco District Attorney George Gascón

IJ’s indispensable training, technical support, and mentorship have moved our city from dream to reality in launching our restorative justice diversion pilot.

– Travis Claybrooks, CEO, Raphah Institute