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The Center on Youth Registration Reform

Profiled in the NEW YORKER's March 14th issue. See what else the Center is up to.

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Impact Justice Celebrates Our First Birthday!

Find out what we've been up to and what we have planned for the future of America's criminal justice system.

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The Restorative Justice Project

Encouraging constructive responses to wrongdoing.

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Community Programs

Exploring community-based alternatives for youth and adults in the justice system.

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Impact Justice is an innovation and research center, tapping into bold, original ideas to reduce incarceration and shining a spotlight on existing efforts that need to be embraced. Impact Justice is committed to fostering a more humane, responsive, and restorative system of justice in our nation. Our bedrock belief is that to build a better justice system, we must first imagine a better system.

Stay up-to-date on the future of criminal justice reform, with leading-edge research on everything from restorative justice and community-alternatives to incarceration to the devastating consequences of youth sex-offense registration.




Just Beginnings Collaborative


Impact Justice’s sujatha baliga is forging a collaborative movement that brings together community leaders to design new approaches to ending child sexual abuse.

PREA Resource Center


The DOJ selected Impact Justice to manage the PREA Resource Center, established to reduce rape and sexual assault in prisons across America.

The Homecoming Project

homecoming door

Impact Justice is linking the recently incarcerated to affordable housing opportunities through an innovative sharing economy model.

In the News

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LEF Exclusive Interview with Nicole Pittman of Impact Justice

In this exclusive interview with Liberty Education Forum, Nicole Pittman, Director of the Center on Youth Registration Reform at Impact Justice, discusses her work and her vision for a more just criminal justice system in the United States.


Injustice: How the Sex Offender Registry Destroys LGBT Rights

Nicole Pittman co-authors article in the Advocate about queer youth being disproportionately labeled as sex offenders.


Punishment That Doesn’t Fit the Crime

CYRR Director Nicole Pittman featured in New York Times opinion piece about kids on sex offender registries.


In collaboration with CYRR, the Juvenile Justice GPS adds a sex offense registry topic

Juvenile Justice GPS (Geography, Policy, Practice, Statistics) is a project to develop a repository providing state policy makers and system stakeholders with a clear understanding of the juvenile justice landscape in the states. The Juvenile Justice GPS team has collaborated with Impact Justice’s Center for Youth Registry Reform (CCYR) to add a new sex offense registry topic.…


Marking kids for life on sex offender registries

For decades, our country has been putting children as young as 8 years old on sex-offender registries. Hundreds of thousands of Americans are registered for things they did as kids, their entire lives tainted by youthful indiscretions as common as streaking or teenage Romeo and Juliet romances.

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