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This resource may be helpful for prosecutors who are interested in bringing restorative justice diversion to their jurisdiction. Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner brings a prosecutor’s perspective into this dialogue with sujatha baliga, Director of Impact Justice’s Restorative Justice Project. Some questions that are answered include:

  • What does a restorative justice case look like in practice when a burglary happens?
  • What does the responsible youth do in the course of this process? What is expected of them?
  • What if the responsible youth doesn’t follow through with or complete the plan that’s created to repair the harm?
  • What’s wrong with the traditional criminal legal system from a victim’s perspective? What do victims gain from restorative justice that they wouldn’t get otherwise?

sujatha provides clear and thoughtful responses related to centering victim’s needs, accountability, and healing. Watch their conversation below to hear the answers.

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