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Zoom Video Conferencing

Zoom Basic and Zoom Pro

Zoom Pro Training Video

How to use Zoom Video Conferencing.

Zoom Guide

Download and print this easy guide for your reference.

Zoom is Impact Justice’s primary conferencing technology. Zoom is capable of phone and video conferencing, webinars, screen sharing, file sharing, advanced presentation tools like virtual whiteboards and real-time annotations, as well as remotely controlling another user’s computer.

There are several different types of Zoom licenses. The two primary individual user licenses are Basic and Pro. All staff should download the Zoom client for meetings to their computer here:

Basic licenses are free. Each IJ employee is given a Basic license by default. The Basic license allows the user to book unlimited 1-on-1 meetings, and to contact any other IJ user through the Zoom interface. In addition, Basic users can book meetings with up to 100 participants for a maximum of 40 minutes.

IJ pays approximately $14.99 for each Pro license. Each program area and organizational team is assigned a number of Pro licensenses based on their needs, and are free to assign the licenses to users depending on the team’s needs. Pro licenses allow users to book meetings with up to 100 people for as long as they need, as well as communicate with all staff through the Zoom interface. Not all IJ staff require Pro licenses, but any staff member who routinely books and/or holds meetings with more than one other person who does not have a pro license will likely need one. Staff who require a pro license should get written authorization from their manager, and send a request to be upgraded to a Pro license to Adelaida Caballero at

In addition to the Basic and Pro licenses, Impact Justice also makes use of two other types of Zoom licenses: Zoom Rooms and Webinars.

Zoom Webinars

IJ has one Webinar 500 license, which is assigned to Nicole McAllister on the PRC Team. The Webinar license has webinar capabilities that make running a webinar easier, such as facilitating questions, changing hosts and presenters more easily, and managing up to 500 participants. This license must be assigned to a user that also has a Pro license.

Zoom Room

A Zoom Room is a dedicated computer with a camera and screen set up to be used for high-quality video conferencing. IJ currently has two Zoom Rooms: one in the Oakland office and one in the DC office. The Zoom Rooms can be reserved and used by all staff for larger meetings, or to provide a higher-quality video conferencing experience. There is a Zoom Room manual that explains how to properly schedule, set up, and configure the Zoom Room systems that can be found on the portal below.