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Impact Justice’s Restorative Justice Project team members presented two webinars in April 2018 and one in July 2018 addressing restorative justice and sexual harm.

IJ’s nuri nusrat and Jenny Poretz presented a webinar with Robert J Howard III called “How Do We Use Restorative Justice to Transform a Culture of Sexual Harm?” that was hosted by the Zehr Institute. They addressed ways of thinking about sexual harm that guide their work, snapshots of a case, highlighting the models and practices they apply, and foundational principles, values, and ethics of restorative justice. Watch the webinar below.

sujatha baliga presented two webinars hosted by the National Clearinghouse for the Defense of Battered Women (NCDBW). She explored the possibilities of safe, effective, restorative justice alternatives to systems intervention for intimate partner and sexual violence. Watch the webinar titled “Exploring Restorative Justice to Address Sexual and Intimate Partner Violence: Centering the Wisdom, Needs, & Safety of Survivors” below.

In a follow up webinar, sujatha answered questions from participants in the first webinar.

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