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Muata Howard is committed to the implementation of transformative and restorative justice practices as preventative measures to keep more youth from entering the US justice system. He holds a bachelor’s in philosophy from Wittenberg University and studied under Nancy McHugh, who established the Restorative Justice Initiative on campus. He participated in numerous inside-out college classes and reading group activities at the London Correctional Facility and Springfield Juvenile Detention Center in central Ohio. His senior thesis, “Tunnel Vision: Reversing the Cycle of Mass Incarceration Through Education,” highlights how significant investing in educational resources within prison walls can lead to better opportunities for individuals upon release.

Prior to joining Impact Justice, Muata worked as a bridge counselor with Upward Bound Education Foundation, where he mentored students in designing and presenting their website. He also served as an exhibit educator at the Oakland Museum of California for the “Respect: Hip Hop Style & Wisdom” exhibition and currently works on staff at Oakstop downtown Oakland.