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Martin Bell brings more than 20 years of experience in leading talent attraction and human resources functions across a variety of industries. A desire to give back to the community brought him to work with Impact Justice on a half-time basis, where he is responsible for designing, implementing, and managing innovative people-focussed initiatives that help attract, develop, engage, support, and retain a satisfied, high-performing staff in a culture of continuous learning and improvement. In addition, Martin runs a consulting practice working with startups, early-stage ventures, and mature organizations looking to scale, target, attract, and hire outstanding talent. Other practice areas include general HR such as employee engagement, employee relations, processes and procedures, and process audit. His current array of clients include pharmaceuticals, media and entertainment, biotech, software, and financial service companies.

Martin is a classically trained singer and performs in operas, recitals, and concerts all around the Bay Area. He serves on the board of Sing for America.