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Mariana Robertson is a Program Manager at Impact Justice. In this role, she manages a portfolio of internal and external work. This includes work on Building Justice, other emerging projects, and organizational culture initiatives.

In her external work, Mariana advances projects with the aims of reducing the harm caused by the criminal legal system, building connections across resistance movements nationally and internationally, and ultimately ending our reliance on incarceration. In 2023, she organized a trip to Finland for a group of formerly incarcerated and allied activists, scholars, and funders. The trip considered aspects of Finland’s approach to public safety beyond and outside its smaller and more humane prisons. In her internal work, she leads and supports initiatives focused on Impact Justice’s organizational culture.

Prior to Impact Justice, Mariana worked at a nonprofit performing arts center, where she curated a series of humanities conversations and helped to reinvent the organization’s community programming during the COVID-19 pandemic. She is a proud service industry alum and has built her career on the foundations of hard work and grace under pressure gained in many years of restaurant experience.

As a graduate of Barnard College, a historically women’s institution, Mariana comes to her work at Impact Justice with a lifelong engagement with intersectional feminism that foregrounds her commitment to building a world where all systems of oppression are dismantled. Mariana graduated cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in English.