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Kamilah Mims joined Impact Justice in 2019 and serves as the administrative associate for the Restorative Justice Project. Kamilah is passionate about dismantling the US prison industrial complex and reforming our country’s justice system. To this end, she is committed to breaking down systems of institutionalized racism and advocating for marginalized low-income communities.

Prior to Impact Justice, Kamilah began her career working as an administrative assistant at a small civil defense law firm in Oakland, California, where she was soon promoted to become the firm’s paralegal and legal secretary.

Kamilah is originally from San Francisco and lived in Seattle for many years before returning to the Bay Area in 2014. Kamilah earned her B.A. in legal studies from the University of California, Berkeley in 2018, with an emphasis in crime, law and social control. At UC Berkeley, she conducted independent research on the school-to-prison pipeline and methods to disrupt this cycle of incarceration. She plans to attend law school in the future to further her passion of deconstructing our country’s justice and carceral systems. In her free time, Kamilah volunteers at California Prison Focus where she focuses on conditions of confinement in California prisons.