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Jose “Cruz” Jauregui joined Impact Justice in 2019 as the systems navigation coordinator for the Homecoming Project. He has spent the past six years in the education sector, providing mentorship and counseling to middle and high school students in the Oakland Unified School District. In 2016, he designed and implemented the first restorative justice program in a military setting. The goal of the program was to move away from punishment and towards progressive solutions to help students grow. It offered a more equitable and proactive alternative for dealing with disciplinary infractions through classroom community building circles, peace circles, re-entry circles, and after school re-invention seminars. 

Cruz was born and raised in Oakland, California and earned a BA in criminal justice from San Francisco State University. At a young age he realized that his community was unsustainable for young people of color. So he developed a passion for social equity and made it his life’s goal to give back to his community.