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Ana Ramirez Zarate is a research analyst for the Research & Action Center at Impact Justice. Her previous work focused on organizing at the intersections of the criminal justice and immigrant rights movements supporting to build the capacity of directly impacted individuals. She led the development of a Participatory Defense space to support families and individuals facing charges to ultimately impact the outcome of their cases through community advocacy. Within her work of empowering and supporting families, she’s centered those most impacted in developing solutions for systems change and policy campaigns. 

Ana’s lived experience has informed her involvement in the field of crimmigration. She believes in the power of political education and the importance of building capacity and supporting the leadership of directly impacted individuals. Ana believes that in order to begin undoing many of the harms experienced by the immigrant community there needs to be a focus on the criminal justice system. Lastly, Ana has a masters degree in Public Policy from UC Riverside with an emphasis on immigration, race and ethnicity.