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The Homecoming Project success stories

Dear Reader, My name is Abdul AliAkbar, and I have been a Community Navigator for the Homecoming Project (THP) at Impact Justice (IJ) for about a year and a half. Since I joined THP, it has been a great pleasure meeting such gifted and talented people who have made changes in their lives. I love … Continued

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German TV Show Features The Homecoming Project

Coming home after years in prison is a challenge in Germany too, says television producer Johannes Wiebus. Despite Germany’s comparatively robust social safety net, people struggle to fully reintegrate. Wiebus and his production team traveled to California to learn more about the Homecoming Project’s unique housing-first approach to reentry. In a twist on Airbnb, The … Continued

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Emily Blake

Emily Blake serves as Impact Justice’s Project Director to scale the housing innovation and success of The Homecoming Project to Los Angeles.  As a forensic social worker, Emily is passionate about transforming the youth and adult criminal legal systems through strength and community-based transformative justice, education, housing and career programming. Her first job out of … Continued

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Homecoming Project Host Application

The Homecoming Project is an innovative re-entry housing program that matches formerly incarcerated people with community hosts for up to six months. Community hosts receive a subsidy in exchange for renting a room to someone returning home from lengthy prison terms. There are opportunities to get to know potential participants through matching sessions before a … Continued

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Briana Borrero

Briana, a recent graduate of the University of New Haven, got involved in the reform of the criminal justice system after taking classes that focused on social and racial injustice in the prison system, and restorative justice methodologies. Since then, she knew she wanted her career path to be rooted in advocacy. Previously, she interned … Continued



Photographer: Nikki Arai Source: Oakland High School students participate in funeral for Black Panther Bobby Hutton, killed by Oakland Police in 1968. Photographer: betto rodrigues Source: Shutterstock Los Angeles, CA - July 12, 2016 - Black lives matter protestor crying during march on City Hall following ruling on LAPD fatal shooting of African American female … Continued

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Everyone Deserves a Second Chance

“Everyone deserves a second chance, Terah, because not everyone gets it right on the first try,” my mother told me when we were deep in conversation about crime and redemption. This profound statement, coming from a law-abiding woman, initially took me by surprise. Then I thought about how much I have learned about the appeal … Continued