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Homecoming Project Host Application

The Homecoming Project is an innovative re-entry housing program that matches formerly incarcerated people with community hosts for up to six months. Community hosts receive a subsidy in exchange for renting a room to someone returning home from lengthy prison terms. There are opportunities to get to know potential participants through matching sessions before a … Continued

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Justice Data Accountability Project

The Justice Data Accountability Project addresses the growing challenges associated with the use of big data systems in policing, specifically focusing on ensuring equity, rigor, and transparency in the use of predictive policing tools. In collaboration with a network of advisors from local communities, law enforcement, academia, and the tech sector, Impact Justice is working … Continued

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Lisa Capers

Lisa Capers is a senior program manager for the Audit Quality and Integrity (AQI) Division at the National PREA Resource Center and she is based in Austin, Texas. Lisa has spent her career advocating for the safety of youth in juvenile justice facilities. Prior to joining Impact Justice, Lisa was an attorney in private practice … Continued

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Why donate? Lift Up Humanity Everyone deserves to be treated humanely and with compassion. Your gift will help shift the narrative about people in the justice system. Propel Policy Change We create change at every level. Your gift will help fund next steps on a path to a justice system that is truly fair to … Continued

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Scott Catey

Scott Catey (Ph.D., J.D.) is an associate director with the National PREA Resource Center (PRC), based in the Washington, D.C. office. Scott’s responsibilities at PRC includes project-wide data and analytics, and oversight of the Audit Quality and Integrity program. Immediately prior to joining the PRC, he served as the PREA coordinator for the Montana Department … Continued

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Overview Employee Resources Templates Learning Center Travel Zoom Video Conferencing Insurance & Benefits Logos  IJ Avatars  PowerPoint Templates  Report Templates  Email Signatures Logos Impact Justice & PRC logos IJ logos: Files available in color and reversed, with and without taglines, in JPG, PNG, and EPS formats. PRC logo: White background in PNG only. Impact Justice Avatars IJ Avatars … Continued