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Exploring restorative justice models to address sexual harm and domestic violence

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Restorative Justice for Intimate Partner & Sexual Violence

“Restorative justice believes families and communities have the capacity to heal transgenerational harms and their many roots,” says sujatha baliga, Director of the Restorative Justice Project. “Restorative processes move us beyond a justice of sides (survivor versus the person who caused the harm) to a more holistic, empowering, and safety-driven approach.” The Restorative Justice Project … Continued


Human Resources Manager

About Impact Justice Impact Justice is a national innovation and research center advancing new ideas and solutions for justice reform. We work to dramatically reduce the massive number of youth and adults in our justice system, improve conditions and outcomes for those who are incarcerated, and provide meaningful opportunities for formerly incarcerated people to rejoin … Continued

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A Home After Prison: There’s no place like Homecoming

I smiled with gratitude when the officer handed me $200, the money provided to prisoners the day they are released. I slipped into the clothes my mother picked out for me and sat in a holding cell for four hours. These last few hours before my release were agonizing, but a tiny inconvenience compared to … Continued

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Men and Trauma Project

Among the people currently incarcerated for committing violent offenses are many who have endured high levels of childhood trauma. Adversity takes many forms: childhood neglect, physical assault, and sexual abuse; heightened exposure to domestic, neighborhood, and physical violence; and structural racism. These traumatic experiences compound to adversely impact men in our society, especially men of … Continued

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sujatha baliga

sujatha baliga’s work is characterized by an equal dedication to crime survivors and people who have caused harm. She speaks publicly and inside prisons about her own experiences as a survivor of child sexual abuse and her path to forgiveness. A former victim advocate and public defender in New York and New Mexico, sujatha was … Continued

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Representation at arraignment: The impact of “Smart Defense” on due process and justice in Alameda County

This report explores the Alameda County Public Defender’s Office (ACPDO) implementation of the Smart Defense Initiative, which seeks to ensure representation at arraignment hearings. Previously, Alameda was the only county of its size in California that did not guarantee representation at arraignment hearings. With funding from the Bureau of Justice Assistance, the ACPDO provided representation … Continued

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Justice Data Accountability Project

The Justice Data Accountability Project addresses the growing challenges associated with the use of big data systems in policing, specifically focusing on ensuring equity, rigor, and transparency in the use of predictive policing tools. In collaboration with a network of advisors from local communities, law enforcement, academia, and the tech sector, Impact Justice is working … Continued


The Food in Prison Project: A Fact Sheet

Healthy food does more than nourish our bodies. Sitting down to a meal is part of being human, and sharing good food with others connects us. This fundamental role of food in people’s lives is denied every day to men and women in prison when meals become another form of punishment — unhealthy, unappealing and … Continued