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Shimica Gaskins

Shimica Gaskins is the Executive Director of the Children’s Defense Fund–California (CDF-CA), a state office of the national child advocacy organization founded by Marian Wright Edelman. CDF-CA champions programs and policies that ensure a level playing field for the most vulnerable children and youth in California; Shimica is responsible for leading the organization in its … Continued

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Rick Jacobus

Rick Jacobus, a national expert in inclusionary housing and affordable homeownership, is the principal of Street Level Urban Impact Advisors. He serves as a strategic advisor to Grounded Solutions Network, a national initiative focused on building more inclusive communities. Rick served as an F.B. Heron Foundation Joint Practice Fellow at CoMetrics where he researched business … Continued

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Sam Lewis

Sam Lewis is the Executive Director of the Anti Recidivism Coalition (ARC).  Previously, Sam served as the Director of Inside Programs. A former life prisoner himself, Sam understands the various obstacles, challenges, and difficulties the prison and reentry populations face. In 2017, Sam created the Hope And Redemption Team (HART), a first-of-its kind initiative he … Continued

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Ricki Seidman

Ricki Seidman, a senior principal at TSD Communications, is a seasoned veteran with broad experience in communications and general strategy. Her specialties include solving short and long-term communications challenges, developing public affairs strategies, campaign planning and execution, crisis management, litigation support, media training, and reputation management. The wide range of clients that Ricki has advised … Continued

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Greg Vargas

Greg Vargas is a talent acquisition/human capital specialist with over 25 years of experience in domestic and international HR management, specializing in global recruitment, employee relations, and staff development for well-known brands and organizations in consumer packaged goods, international finance, media, and technology. While Greg studied sociology and criminal justice as an undergrad at The … Continued