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Leslie Soble

Leslie Soble joined Impact Justice in the fall of 2018 as a research fellow for the Food in Prison Project. An educator and ethnographer, Leslie is the founder and artistic director of Story Soup, a project that creates contexts for dialogue across cultural and generational borders through food and narrative. Her academic research focuses on … Continued

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Danielle Soto

Danielle Soto has more than a decade of experience in research and analysis of adolescent well-being and risk, with a focus on gendered and racial/ethnic inequalities. She graduated Cum Laude with her B.A. in sociology (juvenile delinquency emphasis) from the University of Montana, where she was a McNair Scholar. She received her master’s degree and … Continued

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Kathryn Stroud

Kathryn Stroud is a research analyst at Impact Justice. In her previous role at the American Friends Service Committee, Kathryn researched the privatization of mass incarceration and immigrant detention. Kathryn holds an M.A. in sociology from New Mexico State University, where she focused on social movements. Her thesis explored the virtual and physical spaces of the #BlackLivesMatter … Continued

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Teresa Stroud

Teresa Stroud is a senior program specialist at the PREA Resource Center’s Audit Quality and Integrity and Technical Assistance and Training divisions. Teresa has a significant work history in juvenile justice. She became certified as a PREA auditor in December 2015 while working to lead residential programs in the Texas Juvenile Justice Department (TJJD) toward … Continued

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Jenni Trovillion

Jenni Trovillion joined Impact Justice in 2016, assuming a leadership role in the Washington, DC office and serving as a co-director of the National PREA Resource Center (PRC). Jenni brings to Impact Justice more than 15 years of experience managing various statewide and national initiatives within the justice sector. Prior to her tenure with the … Continued

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Georgia Valentine

Georgia Valentine joined Impact Justice in 2016 and serves as a program associate for the Restorative Justice Project. Georgia has dedicated her career to disrupting cycles of incarceration by amplifying voices of directly impacted people and supporting community-led solutions to mass incarceration. To that end, Georgia has spent the last six years contributing reentry research, … Continued

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Greg Vargas

Greg Vargas is an SPHR-certified senior recruiting manager with over 20 years of progressive experience in domestic and international HR management, specializing in recruitment, employee relations, staff development, and data analysis. In addition to his superlative communication and client management skills, Greg is agile with new technology, fluent in Spanish, and has a strong interest … Continued

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Maureen Vittoria

Maureen is a collaborative, mission driven leader who brings more than two decades of leadership and management experience in the fields of finance, accounting, human resource, construction, facilities management, and information technology. She is responsible for all aspects of Impact Justice’s finances, including strategy and process to advance the organization’s growth plans, and funders expectations. … Continued

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Mikayla Waters-Crittenton

Mikayla Waters-Crittenton is executive assistant to sujatha baliga and program associate with the Restorative Justice Project. She provides training, programming, and program standardization for sexual harm, domestic, and intimate partner violence work with the Restorative Justice Project. Prior to joining  Impact Justice, Mikayla served as the restorative justice specialist in the Office of Student Life … Continued