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Mikayla Waters-Crittenton

Mikayla Waters-Crittenton is executive assistant to sujatha baliga and program associate with the Restorative Justice Project. She provides training, programming, and program standardization for sexual harm, domestic, and intimate partner violence work with the Restorative Justice Project. Prior to joining  Impact Justice, Mikayla served as the restorative justice specialist in the Office of Student Life … Continued

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Caitlin Walt

Caitlin Walt is an adaptable, high-energy individual who brings five years of experience in office management and human resources to Impact Justice. She believes understanding and strengthening a company’s unique culture is the key to enriching the employee experience and crucial to recruiting and retaining top talent. Caitlin aspires to work with a nonprofit that … Continued

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Mika Weinstein

Mika joined the PREA Resource Center (PRC) as a program associate in 2017. She helps manage the production of the PREA auditor training and the processes associated with PREA auditor certification and recertification. In addition, she supports the design and implementation of the PRC’s data management systems and the development of continuing education for PREA … Continued

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Aishatu Yusuf

Aishatu Yusuf has spent the majority of her career working within multiple social systems with the purpose of creating better outcomes for marginalized youth, young people, and their families. Throughout her career, she has focused on child safety, youth and adult legal system reform, child protection, and education policy. With the belief that change must … Continued