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You Can’t Socially Distance in Prison: Health, wellness, and COVID-19

A woman imprisoned in Texas said in April, staff realized she might have contracted COVID-19 when she spiked a 104-degree fever. Prison authorities placed her in solitary confinement.  "It was filthy with just a mat," she said. She started coughing that night. "I was woken up to a 'provider' telling me I tested positive for … Continued

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Gerard Arcement

Gerard Arcement is a recruiter for the California Justice Leaders – Americorps project, which provides employment and leadership opportunities to young people with prior involvement in the state’s justice system. In this role, he also works to increase awareness of California’s Honorable Discharge petition process. Gerard brings extensive leadership to Impact Justice with more than … Continued

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La Cole Archuletta

La Cole has more than 30 years of experience in corrections, having worked in both male and female prisons, community corrections, and parole. She held various management positions and oversaw residential community corrections programs including specialized programs such as therapeutic community, youthful offenders, boot camp, and a work release program in a county jail. She … Continued



Photographer: Nikki Arai Source: Oakland High School students participate in funeral for Black Panther Bobby Hutton, killed by Oakland Police in 1968. Photographer: betto rodrigues Source: Shutterstock Los Angeles, CA - July 12, 2016 - Black lives matter protestor crying during march on City Hall following ruling on LAPD fatal shooting of African American female … Continued

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Our commitment to dismantling systemic violence and racism

The Impact Justice community joins people of conscience throughout the world in condemning racist police violence and the pervasive manifestations of systemic racism in our society, starkly laid bare by our criminal legal system. We have been deeply shaken by the most recent police killings of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor; by the murder of … Continued

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About Us

Impact Justice is a national innovation and research center advancing new ideas and solutions for justice reform. Impact Justice was founded in 2015 on an idea: to create an organization that would imagine, innovate, and accept absolutely nothing about the status quo of our current justice system. We know the problems: too many people locked … Continued

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Mica Astion

Mica Astion is a senior program associate for the PREA Resource Center (PRC). Much of Mica’s past work has been focused on sexual and domestic/intimate partner violence research. During her previous employment with the Massachusetts Executive Office of Public Safety and Security, the Boston Police Department, and most recently, Abt Associates, Mica’s research portfolio included … Continued

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Food in Prison

It is time to re-examine the message we are currently sending to and about some of the most vulnerable members of our society through the prison food experience. Food is an integral part of the human experience.  Sitting down to a meal is part of being human, and sharing good food with others connects us. … Continued