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Being in the Homecoming Project saved me from homelessness because I had nowhere else to go.

-Delora Croudy

For people coming out of prison, having a safe and stable home will provide the best chance of success. You can help ensure the success of our participants by making a gift, opening your home, or giving your time. Your support will make a transformative difference in someone’s life.

Join us!

Become a host

Do you live in Alameda or Contra Costa County and have a room to rent? Open your home to someone returning home from prison.

Sponsor a participant

Make a transformative difference by sponsoring a Homecoming Project participant.

Refer a host

Do you know someone in Alameda or Contra Costa County who would be interested in renting a spare room to someone returning home from prison? Refer them to our team through our Referral Bonus Program.

Become a participant

Do you know someone who is returning home from prison or was recently released and is in need of housing?