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Sponsor a Participant

Thank you for your interest in the Homecoming Project!

Housing is not a privilege – it’s a necessity. Where someone  lives in the first months of their release is critical to their success. Let’s make sure everyone returning to their community has a stable home waiting for them. You can make a transformative difference by sponsoring a Homecoming Project participant.

Full sponsorship of one Homecoming Project participant costs $7,500. Each housing arrangement includes six months of housing with a private bedroom and a welcome home kit that includes basic hygiene items, clothing gift card, and a cell phone. Every participant also receives training tailored to their specific needs, which include topics like budgeting and technology advancements. Participants are guided through the program with support from a community navigator who connects them to resources and supports their preparations for permanent housing.

Full Sponsorship: $7,500

Sponsor six months of safe and supportive housing for someone returning home from prison.

Not ready for full sponsorship? We welcome support for the Homecoming Project at all levels, so please consider a donation in any amount!


One month of cell phone service to keep a participant critically connected to family and services.


A welcome home kit for a participant filled with hygiene supplies, writing materials, and a clothing voucher.


A welcome home kit and cell phone service for a participant, plus new bedding for their room and transportation passes.


All the essentials a participant will need to return home: clothing, transportation passes, and new bedding, plus educational and professional training opportunities.