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  • The Center on Youth Registration Reform exists to repeal all laws that allow America’s kids to be placed on sex offender registries. We believe in uplifting children rather than labeling them.


    Getting the Word Out

    There are roughly 200,000 kids who have been put on registries, with tragic consequence. We’re here to tell their stories and provide the facts.

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    Rethinking Policy

    39 states put kids on registries, but many are now rewriting their laws. We have all the resources lawmakers need to reduce that number to zero.



    building a movement

    From bringing together a bi-partisan coalition of advocates to orchestrating a multimedia campaign, CYRR is transforming the public dialogue.

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  • Youth Registration News

    Nicole Pittman at University of South Dakota Law School Juvenile Justice Symposium

    The South Dakota Law Review and the USD School of Law presented a symposium to discuss issues associated with juveniles in the criminal justice system in the United States where CYRR Director and Impact Justice Vice President Nicole Pittman spoke about the harm of placing youth on the sex offender registry and the efforts being made to reform these laws.

    Guest Blog by Nicole Pittman and Eli Lehrer for Youth Transition Funders Group (YTFG)

    Nicole Pittman, Director of the Center on Youth Registration Reform writes a blog post for Youth Transition Funders Group (YTFG) with Eli Lehrer, President of the R Street Institute.

    LEF Exclusive Interview with Nicole Pittman of Impact Justice

    In this exclusive interview with Liberty Education Forum, Nicole Pittman, Director of the Center on Youth Registration Reform at Impact Justice, discusses her work and her vision for a more just criminal justice system in the United States.

    Injustice: How the Sex Offender Registry Destroys LGBT Rights

    Nicole Pittman co-authors article in the Advocate about queer youth being disproportionately labeled as sex offenders.

    Punishment That Doesn’t Fit the Crime

    CYRR Director Nicole Pittman featured in New York Times opinion piece about kids on sex offender registries.

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    Raised on the Registry

    CYRR’s Nicole Pittman traveled the country interviewing more than 500 individuals put on the registry for sex offenses that occurred when they were kids. Human Rights Watch published Pittman’s report, which to this day remains the most comprehensive study on the tragic consequences of subjecting children to registry and notification laws.

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